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SoGreatandPowerful - The Standard Model Digipak by daniel10alien SoGreatandPowerful - The Standard Model Digipak :icondaniel10alien:daniel10alien 4 1 Pixel Ponies by daniel10alien Pixel Ponies :icondaniel10alien:daniel10alien 1 0 SGaP - The Standard Model (HD recreation) by daniel10alien SGaP - The Standard Model (HD recreation) :icondaniel10alien:daniel10alien 5 5 { } - sogreatandpowerful CD + sleeve by daniel10alien { } - sogreatandpowerful CD + sleeve :icondaniel10alien:daniel10alien 8 2 Rosefloppy by daniel10alien Rosefloppy :icondaniel10alien:daniel10alien 4 1 sb2 by daniel10alien sb2 :icondaniel10alien:daniel10alien 0 0 flower2 by daniel10alien flower2 :icondaniel10alien:daniel10alien 10 5 Laughter by daniel10alien Laughter :icondaniel10alien:daniel10alien 5 0 Bliss by daniel10alien Bliss :icondaniel10alien:daniel10alien 11 2 Catching Z's by daniel10alien Catching Z's :icondaniel10alien:daniel10alien 8 3 Lyra's Quiet Evening by daniel10alien Lyra's Quiet Evening :icondaniel10alien:daniel10alien 3 0 Bubbles by daniel10alien Bubbles :icondaniel10alien:daniel10alien 5 2 Study by daniel10alien Study :icondaniel10alien:daniel10alien 0 3 Sweet Dreams Fluttershy by daniel10alien Sweet Dreams Fluttershy :icondaniel10alien:daniel10alien 3 0 Twilight Sparkle by daniel10alien Twilight Sparkle :icondaniel10alien:daniel10alien 3 3 twi.png by daniel10alien twi.png :icondaniel10alien:daniel10alien 2 2


RariJack fanart by Hunternif RariJack fanart :iconhunternif:Hunternif 467 26 Derpy Hooves by Xeirla Derpy Hooves :iconxeirla:Xeirla 57 5 Wakey Wakey! (Animated Gif) by TrombonyPonyPie Wakey Wakey! (Animated Gif) :icontrombonyponypie:TrombonyPonyPie 2,252 361 Pear Butter Animation by TheRealDJTHED Pear Butter Animation :icontherealdjthed:TheRealDJTHED 1,529 109
Where I've been and the future
UPDATE [Jan. 1, 2017]
Happy New Years! :3
I wish I had more to say but looking back at what I set as goals for myself, and what I ended up achieving, I'm actually still disappointed in myself, however there are definitely some successes and achievements I've made. I still haven't been posting as much art as I'd like, and am still really nervous about doing so with a lot of it. I'm also not consistent or as dedicated to what I'm doing as I kinda expected. Sorry.
The positives in the last months of 2016:
I've become relatively skilled in rhythm games, and through it have made many friends, started exercising more (Dance Dance Revolution).
I've completed some artwork that I enjoy and am proud of, in particular all the dragons and birds I've been drawing recently.
I've committed to following what I enjoy doing and being an artist, even if I still fail to do well at it. With this I've also decided on what I want to do concerning my education, work, and personal life moving forward, a
:iconxeirla:Xeirla 3 4
Glowstick by bloodorangepancakes Glowstick :iconbloodorangepancakes:bloodorangepancakes 12 0 Tramlestia by AlexandrVirus Tramlestia :iconalexandrvirus:AlexandrVirus 114 17 Sad Pinkie by cenyo Sad Pinkie :iconcenyo:cenyo 477 17 Forest guidance by grethzky Forest guidance :icongrethzky:grethzky 183 21 Close Quarters - Fillycon Card Design by artwork-tee Close Quarters - Fillycon Card Design :iconartwork-tee:artwork-tee 241 43 Summer of Flowers by poniebones Summer of Flowers :iconponiebones:poniebones 55 30 Unmakeablelove vector by featherythorns Unmakeablelove vector :iconfeatherythorns:featherythorns 2 0 sgap - Night Glider by Glazly042 sgap - Night Glider :iconglazly042:Glazly042 4 1 Mess by tatasz Mess :icontatasz:tatasz 107 5 Deadmau5 Quotation Rust Wallpaper (4k) by DashMagic6 Deadmau5 Quotation Rust Wallpaper (4k) :icondashmagic6:DashMagic6 828 72
Forty Winks song-SoGreatandPowerful/SherclopPones
Check out this amazing, beautiful, ethereal song that SGAP and Griffin wrote about my pony character Forty Winks!!
geten and I did the "cover art" (he drew the space BG and I drew Forty):

I can't express how happy and grateful I am to receive a song about my character from such amazing musicians. Even if you didn't like ponies, this song would stand on its own merits as a gorgeous piece of art.
:iconponywise:ponywise 6 15


daniel10alien's Profile Picture
Hong Kong
This is where I dump everything artistic I happened to have made since I turned 13. That was also about the time I started watching My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, so I hope you like colored horses..

Where in the world are you?


SoGreatandPowerful - The Standard Model Digipak
Trying to practice a bit of graphic design, so I made another SoGreatandPowerful CD packaging idea. Here's the previous one:


Sorry about the poor image quality. I don't have a camera, so I used a potato instead. 


Slightly higher definition photos:
Pixel Ponies
I challenged myself to represent the mane six in as few pixels as possible – in this case, four pixels. Had fun deciding what shapes to give to each pony. Twi is looking tall and slim :icontwilightengageplz: while Flutters is over there all curled up :iconfluttershyshyplz:
{ } - sogreatandpowerful CD + sleeve
when I heard that sogreatandpowerful's youtube account had been deleted, I couldn't stand the idea of losing access to his music again. so I burned it to a cd. 

after that, I couldn't just keep a blank cd sitting around. so I made a design to be printed onto the cd, and a sleeve to keep it in. 

the music burned to the cd was taken directly from MESOGEARS' fan mixtape of miscellaneous sgap works

Here you can download the files that I used to print the CD and sleeve, so you can make your own!

david, i wish you all the luck of the world (:


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Listening to Hearts as Strong as Horses (Sunrise Mix)...
Dude, this is really awesome. Have listened to it like a million times, and I still enjoy it.
Just wanted to show my appreciation ;)
Hope you could make more of diz remix stuff ;)
daniel10alien Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2015
Wow, really?? I've still got a lot to learn regarding music composition.. thanks for telling me that :D
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Happy birthday buddy!
Keep up the awesome work!
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Thanks man. They're just things I make in my spare time and I don't expect anyone to take an interest in it ;P
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Good job
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on what? 
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